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Oracle Sales Cloud: Define Geographies Series

  • This series of demonstrations provides training on how to manage geography structures, hierarchies, and validation, creating territory zone hierarchies, zone types and zones for shipping and tax.

  • 02-MAY-2013
  • 15 minutes

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5.5 mins

Managing Geography Structures, Hierarchies, and Validation

You are an Applications Administrator who wants to start to configure the geography structure, hierarchy, and validation for the country geography of the United States.

4.25 mins

Creating Territory Zone Hierarchies

You are an Applications Administrator and need to create territory geography zone types and zones. On this occasion you decide to create a zone type and an Eastern Coast sales zone. You also need to add two states to the new zone.

4.75 mins

Creating Zone Types and Zones for Shipping and Tax

You are an Applications Administrator who wants to create zone types and zones for the Manage Shipping Zones and Manage Tax Zone Types tasks. On this occasion you create a zone type for shipment zones, and then create a shipment zone for the West Coast of the United States.

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