• SQL Developer Data Modeler Release 3.1 Self Study - All Demos

    This eStudy contains all the feature overviews and demonstrations in this series in one unit. You can either perform this eStudy or perform each demonstration individually.

    Duration: 37 minutes

    Release Date: 06-JAN-2012

    Created by: Marcie Young

Reviews (5)

  • 1.6 years ago
    Thank you for these tutorial books, It will help me to understand Database Modeler and create relations between tables.
    • 8.5 years ago
      The Data Rules and transformations is very cool.
      • 11.5 years ago
        <p>  </p> <div> The Best Presentation!!!</div> <div> I am working with DBs models now. Your presentation very helpful :)</div>
        • 11.9 years ago
          <p> Very good presentation, may be better with an integrated hands-on session before the quiz for each topic</p>
          • 12.2 years ago
            <p> Excellent - A must for everyone</p>