• Designing ETL Data Flow Mappings for Database 10g Release 2

    This lesson describes how to design mappings and process flows, and use them to define data movement and transformation in Warehouse Builder. When you design a mapping in Warehouse Builder, you use the Mapping Editor interface. There is a large set of mapping operators available to you for use within the Mapping Editor. Oracle Warehouse Builder allows you to use activities external to Warehouse Builder (such as e-mail, FTP commands, and operating system executables). External activities will not be covered in this course. Using the Process Flow Editor, you learn how to design process flows that interrelate mappings and other activities. In this lesson, you learn how to create mappings to extract data from sources, transform it, and load it into targets. It also briefly introduces the Debugging Editor to debug data flows in the Mapping Editor.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Release Date: 01-JAN-2006

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