• Creating Multi-Cube FreeForm Applications with an Excel Template - Part 2

    (2:45) In this tutorial, your learn how to update FreeForm Apps using an Excel template and verifying changes in the web interface. With FreeForm Apps, you can deploy an application with no dimension requirements. You can create a FreeForm application with BSO and ASO cubes. The open dimensional solution allows you to create a fully custom application with cubes that allow for dimension flexibility needed by your organization. Like a Planning custom or module-based application, you can manage dimensions, members, data, and create artifacts to help you analyze and work on your plans. After creating your FreeForm application using an Excel template, learn how you can use the same template to make modifications to dimensions, members, substitution variables, and security. Then, in the Planning web interface, assign Application Management options, review the application properties and definition, and the data you imported.

    For more information, see the documentation.

    Duration: 3 minutes

    Release Date: 09-MAR-2022

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