• Orchestrate Your Way to Digital Business

    Your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system continues to evolve with new enhancements, and perhaps none is more far-reaching, impactful, and versatile than the Orchestrator. See specific product capabilities and usage patterns to show you how the Orchestrator can be your “secret weapon” to thrive in the digital economy.

    Duration: 11 minutes

    Release Date: 25-JUN-2020

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Reviews (5)

  • 9 months ago
    • 1.4 years ago
      very very nice demo!
      • 1.8 years ago
        Wow! By far, the best demo I have seen about Orchestrator yet! Most of the demos I have seen where screen prints, and had no real life applications. Superb job!
        • 1.9 years ago
          • 2.1 years ago
            The presentation was very precise. Screens were put together very well and flow was good. Thank you!
            • miranda.yambem
              2.1 years ago
              Thank you very much for your feedback.