• Hadoop and Big Data SQL Architectures

    Learn how to: 

    •    Recognize the Apache Hadoop and Oracle Big Data SQL architectures
    •    Store data in HDFS
    •    Organize and describe data in Hive
    •    Deploy Oracle Big Data SQL using the two components:
    o    The enhanced “Big Data Enabled” Oracle Database 12c external tables 
    o    The Oracle Big Data SQL Servers (services) on the Oracle Big Data Appliance or DIY Hadoop Clusters (data local processing)
    •    Create Oracle external tables over data in HDFS and Hive using the following access drivers:
    o    ORACLE_HDFS
    o    ORACLE_HIVE
    •    Identify a list of additional Oracle Big Data SQL and Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler recourses

    Duration: 21.06 minutes

    Release Date: 27-APR-2018

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