• Creating Queries to Search for Data

    This tutorial describes the features of the Query control in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and demonstrates how to create and save a query.

    For more information see the Foundation Guide.

    This tutorial requires Oracle authentication.

    Duration: 6 minutes

    Release Date: 06-OCT-2015

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Reviews (2)

  • 6.8 years ago
    • 7.8 years ago
      Qeury publishing Process: We are interested to know query publishing process so that we gain good understanding of a query lifecycle going from Personal query to Pending Approval to Approval. Have you covered this in another tutorial? Regards Puru
      • shane.brink
        7.8 years ago
        You will find excellent content on User Defined Objects on www.learnjde.com: https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:141:::::P141_PAGE_ID,P141_SECTION_ID:343,2503