• Oracle Mobile Security Series

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite provides a company’s employees with secure access to intranet resources (web sites, web services, and documents) and centralized control of enterprise information on employee-owned mobile devices. Oracle Mobile Security Suite provides a clear isolation between personal and enterprise information and apps. Access to enterprise information and apps is protected using username/password, digital certificates, or one-time passwords. Single sign-on (SSO) across intranet resources supports standard Kerberos (with password or PKinit) as well as the Oracle Access Management platform’s authentication and SSO capabilities. It delivers a secure container for application security and control in order to separate, protect, and wipe corporate applications and data.

    This series has a set of OBEs that will help you install and configure OMSS, install secured workspace container on your mobile device and to secure application developed using Mobile Application Framework(MAF) with OMSS. You will also learn basic administration, policy management tasks within OMSS and to secure third party resources like SharePoint and FileShare.

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Security Administrator, Application Developer

    Release Date: 03-NOV-2014

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