• WebLogic Server 12c New Features

    This interactive, self-paced eCourse gives a detailed overview of the latest features and enhancements in WebLogic Server 12.1.2.

    Average Rating: Duration: 50 minutes

    Release Date: 01-AUG-2013

Reviews (2)

  • 3 years ago
    Spot-on content & crystal clear narrative. Just the prep I needed for two customer engagements next week on 12.1.2 what's new/changed.
    • 3 years ago
      Brilliant and well explained stuff, without any Gartner slides or column graphs showing how many times WLS outperforms Websphere. Also as a non native English speaker I was really pleased with TJ's perfectly understandable English, without any accent and in a quiet pace, allowing the said to be also understand.



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