• TOI: Siebel Incremental Repository Merge (IRM) Functional Overview

    This transfer of information (TOI) provides an overview of the new feature of Siebel Tools - Incremental Repository Merge (IRM). It applies to the and fix packs.  It includes discussion of object tagging and SDF files which are similar to SIF files.

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Release Date: 29-MAR-2013

Reviews (1)

  • 10.9 years ago
    What I found really useful was clubbing Innovation pack and the IRM! It will make a lot of difference in implementations as it makes the process less error prone and more stable as there will be a standard set of innovation packs to be applied. Further, concept of SDF is excellent, haven't tried it yet but given the size difference, it can make upgrades less time consuming. Keep up the good work!