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    • 10.8 years ago
      Very good tutorial to start with. I've imported TASKS with PROJECTS from the beginning - do not do so - it will be difficult do change to look-ups.
      • 10.9 years ago
        Great OBE
        • 11 years ago
          Very good article
          • 11.1 years ago
            Excellent tutorial. Please note if you don't have access to a database and are running through the free workspace that you can get from Oracle, then you need to 'install' the hr schema that would usually be installed for you if you installed Oracle DB rather than just running a free online workspace. The creation scripts for the schema can be downloaded here In the ZIP file downloaded open up the file hr_cre.sql and copy its contents into the textbox you get when you got to SQLWorkshop->SQL Scripts->Create. Once pasted click run and accept any warning it gives you about some parts not bein run. Repeat this process for the contents of hr_popul.sql, then hr_idx.sql then hr_code.sql, and finally hr_comnt
            • osvaldo.navarro_navarro
              11.1 years ago
          • 11.2 years ago
            Nice tutorial Regards Tomasz
            • 11.4 years ago
              A litle wrong (Validation): if :P2_MANAGER_ID != :P2_EMPLOYEE_ID then return true; else return false; end if; replaced to if NVL(:P2_MANAGER_ID,'X') != NVL(:P2_EMPLOYEE_ID,'X') then return true; else return false; end if;
              • 11.4 years ago
                Sorry misprint if NVL(:P2_MANAGER_ID,'X') != NVL(:P2_EMPLOYEE_ID,'Y') then return true; else return false; end if;
            • 11.6 years ago
              <p> Nice Tutorial</p> <p>  </p>
              • 11.9 years ago
                <p> Very nice Tutorial!!</p>
                • 11.9 years ago
                  • 12 years ago
                    <p> Nice tutorial...</p>