• Oracle Real World Performance Video Series - Migrate a 1TB Datawarehouse in 20 Minutes

    This is a 4 part video series by Andrew Holdsworth, Senior Director of Oracle's Real World Performance (RWP) team. In this series, Andrew shows how to migrate a 1TB datawarehouse to an Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The entire process, from data loading, to statistics gathering, to data transformation takes less than 20 minutes.

    Duration: 40 minutes

    Release Date: 01-JUN-2011

    Created by: Andrew Holdsworth

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Content List (4)

  • Part 1 - Load the Data

    Duration: 14 minutes

    Duration: 14 minutes
  • Part 2 - Gather Optimizer Statistics on the Data

    Duration: 8 minutes

    Duration: 8 minutes
  • Part 3 - Validate and Transform the Data

    Duration: 10 minutes

    Duration: 10 minutes
  • Part 4 - Query the Data

    Duration: 11 minutes

    Duration: 11 minutes

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  • 5.1 years ago
    Good stuff.... thanks for sharing Larry!



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