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  • This webcast will demonstrate how to configure whole server migration for clusters that contain dynamically created servers. Watch as JMS messages are placed on a queue on one server, that server is automatically migrated to another machine, and the same JMS messages are accessible by the migrated server.

Join Mark Lindros

Mark Lindros has been in the IT industry since 1994, fulfilling various roles in support, consulting, and courseware development and delivery. His entire career spans the enterprise application space, using the products that now form the foundation of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Mark was the world wide internal field readiness developer at BEA for WebLogic Server 4.5.1-10.0. Mark also has expertise in a number of other Oracle products, including Java, Oracle Entitlements Server, Coherence, Oracle Platform Security Services, the Tuxedo product suite, and WebLogic Portal. Recently, he completed the development of the WebLogic Server 12.1.3 New Features Self-Study and associated Oracle by Example tutorials.

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