Lesson 1

Introduction to MOOC
Lesson 1: Introducing the Raspberry Pi as an Embedded Device

In this first lesson, you will learn how to set up and configure the Raspberry Pi as a headless embedded development environment.
You will learn to:


* Set up the breadboard and Raspberry Pi
* Solder the breakout boards to the header pins
* Install the Java JDK, Java ME SDK, NetBeans and NetBeans plugins on your Windows PC
* Install software on the Raspberry Pi
* Write IMlets using threads and timers
* Debug IMlets and troubleshoot common problems



We provide video instruction along with written tutorials that guide you through the process. Please watch each video carefully to ensure that  you have your system properly set up to complete this lesson.  The videos and tutorials are listed sequentially, and we recommend that you use the instructional materials in that order.


As you progress through the materials, you will notice that the Oracle Learning Library adds a green check mark next to each item that you have accessed. This helps you track your progress. Don't hesitate to ask a question in the forum if you hit a snag.




Introducing the Raspberry Pi as an Embedded Device

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