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This page contains videos to facilitate your usage of a curated set of open source projects that comply with the open standards, specifications and APIs defined by the Open Container Initiative and Cloud Native Computing Foundation that can be easily deployed, have been tested for interoperability and for which enterprise-grade support is offered.

Environment Installation Training

The following videos will introduce you to the installation procedure and scaling of the Oracle Cloud Native Environment.

Release 1.4 and 1.5 Videos

Release 1.3 Videos


Kubernetes Training

An open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications, Kubernetes provides the tools to build a cluster of systems to support the launching of containerized applications. These containers can be deployed across the cluster systems and scaled as needed.

The following videos will introduce you to the Kubernetes cluster technology and its components. They show how a Kubernetes cluster is built, and how container applications in pods are deployed on the cluster nodes.



Kata Containers Training

Kata Container software delivers the framework for creating lightweight virtual machines (VMs) that easily plug into container ecosystems. Kata Containers offer similar virtual machine levels of security while maintaining the efficiencies gained from the deployment of traditional containers.

The following videos will introduce you to Kata Containers functionality and demonstrate how Kata Containers are deployed in your Kubernetes cluster.


Containers Training

Podman provides a way to build, share and run containers conforming to the the Open Containers Initiative (OCI) format.

The following videos will introduce you to Containers, and demonstrate using Podman to deploy and manage container images designed for Kubernetes, Oracle Container Runtime for Docker, and Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment.


Microservices Traffic Management



Istio Training

Operating as a service mesh for managing the interaction and operation of services in a microservices architecture. Istio coordinates communication between services, providing service discovery, load balancing, security, recovery, telemetry, and policy enforcement capabilities.

The following videos will introduce you to the role of Istio in supporting the microservices framework. You will learn about the Istio architecture and its sidecar proxy capabilities implemented in a Kubernetes cluster.


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