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Helidon - Bring On the Virtual Threads!

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This lab will guide you through implementing a service using Helidon 4APIs. First, we’ll focus on features and benefits Java’s Project Loom provides, such as Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency. Then, we’ll use Helidon starter to create a Helidon MicroProfile application to demonstrate how Virtual Threads are used and how to easily upgrade applications to the latest version of Helidon 4. After this lab, you’ll walk away with multiple high-performance techniques and options for writing services with Helidon designed and optimized for Loom.

Workshop Info

Get Started: Task 1: Log in to Oracle Cloud
Lab 1: Setup the environment
           Task 1: Setup the Code Editor
           Task 2: Download the required Maven and JDK version
           Task 3: Download the source code
Lab 2: Build and run the application
           Task 1: Build and Run the Helidon 4 application
           Task 2: Build and Run the Reactive application
           Task 3: Analysing the simplicity of the Helidon 4 application
Lab 3: Modifying the application and analysing stack traces
           Task 1: Modify the Helidon 4 application and build the application
           Task 2: Analyse stack trace for the  Helidon 4 application
           Task 3: Modify the Reactive  application and build the application
           Task 4: Analyse stack trace for Reactive application
Lab 4: MicroProfile Running on Virtual Threads
           Task 1: Create a Helidon 3 application and build the application
           Task 2: Migrate the application to Helidon 4

  • Familiarity with Kubernetes is desirable, but not required
  • Some understanding of cloud-native and microservices terms is helpful
  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is helpful, but not required

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