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Take Control of Your Database With Automated Schema Changes

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Learn the fundamentals of automating database changes with SQLcl Liquibase using the Oracle MovieStream dataset. Become immersed in the enhanced functionality built on top of the open-source Liquibase platform and exclusive to Oracle SQLcl.

In this workshop, generate files that save your database objects and use them to automatically recreate or update individual objects & entire schemas. Learn to read these files that hold your objects and analyze the metadata tables that track Liquibase’s activity in your database. Discover how to bookmark your database state in-between updates and easily rollback unwanted changes.

Workshop Info

1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Learn how to use liquibase help for guidance on the tool
  • Capture an entire Oracle Database schema into files with liquibase generate-schema
  • Capture a single database object into a file with liquibase generate-object
  • Preview the SQL code for review before executing an update with liquibase update-sql
  • Run liquibase update to create database objects from Liquibase files
  • Learn how changelog files and tables work
  • Create tags bookmarking your database at different states of your Liquibase changes with liquibase tag
  • Roll your database back to a specified tag with liquibase rollback

This workshop requires an Oracle Cloud account or your own Oracle Database with SQLcl installed on your computer.

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