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Yuan Yao

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Yao Yuan holds Oracle 10g and 12c OCMs, MySQL 5.6,5.7,8.0 OCPs, and a stack of certificates in EMC, IBM p, RedHat, Cisco, SQL Server, DB2, invented two computer patents, was bestowed two ministerial-level awards.He has a wealth of practical experience in Oracle and MySQL database, he is also a lecturer and blogger, and contributes regularly on these fields. His articles can be found through internet search engines, by searching with key words of his Chinese name '姚远' and 'Oracle' and/or 'MySQL'. He works as senior technical consultant for Scutech, a leading data management company in China, responsible for providing training and technical support to colleagues and clients. Whenever we encounter difficulties in Oracle or MySQL Databases, he is always a reliable source of solutions.
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