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Sven Weller

syntegris information solutions GmbH
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Database App Development, Database Management & Performance, Applications & Apps Technology
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Sven Weller is a professional software developer since 1996 with a major focus on Oracle databases. He is also one of the founders of syntegris information solutions GmbH. A Germany based Oracle consulting company. Currently in the role of CTO for Oracle based Design and Development. He specializes in SQL, PLSQL, Oracle Performance Tuning, EBR, APEX and Oracle JET. Sven is working for several customers. Ranging from global pharmaceutical companies, midsize financial sector firms to small privately owned businesses. His passion is to distribute knowledge. Mostly about EBR, SQL and APEX. Sven is a very active OTN forum member and also a trainer and a speaker at various conferences (DOAG, ApexConnect, Apex Meetups). He started blogging to have a space where to look up his own ideas and code snippets. Then noticed, this might be interesting for others too. Sven is the creator of Quickreferences for "basic SQL", "advanced SQL functions", “APEX", which can be obtained from the blog or directly from syntegris. Recently he found a new interest in cryptocurrencies and related technologies like Blockchain.
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"Development is 60% analysis, 30% knowledge and 10% intuition. Oh and then somebody still has to type all the stuff."
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