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Rhianna Albert

United States
  • Oracle ACEOracle ACE
Cloud, Applications & Apps Technology, Business Intelligence
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I have been in the Customer Experience industry before CX was even a term. Currently a Senior Manager of Business and Integration Architecture at Accenture I started 20+ years ago doing web development and administration for a National Laboratory as a high school student and then morphed into various technical roles within Contact centers and then because I have a love of learning and teaching I started becoming active in different communities and got into the partner and consulting space about 10 years ago. I have a technical brain that also happens to be very social and as such I found I am well suited to working with clients understanding their needs even when they aren’t quite sure what it is they are asking for. I love to tinker so even though I am no longer a wrench turner of sorts you will still catch me writing REST queries or testing new features of the cloud apps I work with.
Personal Interests
On a personal level I have been married for 19 years, I am a mom of three boys, I love Star Wars and Disney, books and movies, reptiles and photography. Everyone I know wonders how I fit so much in and I wonder how they don’t I like to be busy and on the go.
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