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Mingming (David) Dai

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Database Management & Performance, MySQL, Linux, Virtualization and Open Source
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David came into contact with Oracle database since 2007, and has been engaged in Oracle database related work for 10 years. He has a certain experience on the high availability of Oracle, and is good at Or​acle database diagnosis and performance tuning. He studied the high availability of database and the high-performance solutions on the basis of PCle flash cards since 2014.David has always been passionate about the Oracle technology research and sharing, and wrote technical blogs actively to promote Oracle technology. He’s a core member of ACOUG(All China Oracle User Group) and CN'SOUG (China Southern Oracle User Group ). He started to write blogs( in CSDN forum ( the world’s largest Chinese IT forum) since 2012. His blog has more 1000 articles and a total traffic of more than 12.28 million, ranked fifth in CSDN forum. His blog helped thousands of people solve database problems. He established Anhui DBA Club( China DBA Community( officially in 2014. After founding CNDBA community, David started to write blogs( in it and has written more than 90 technical blogs related to Oracle 12c at present. He will continue writing more articles on Oracle 12c with the its popularity.
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