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Aishwarya Kala

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Database Management & Performance, Engineered Systems, Cloud
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Aishwarya is a Database Technologist based out of India and has spent the last decade working on, exploring and having fun with Oracle Databases and related technologies. She has a keen focus on Database Migrations, Upgrades, High Availability Architectures and is an advocate of automation & Database Security.

She actively contributes to the Oracle User communities & has been a part of various AIOUG volunteering and organizing committees since 2016, as well as serves as a Leader for the AIOUG Pune Chapter. She enjoys sharing her learning & experiences by presenting at various regional and international events including Oracle Groundbreakers Tour, SOUG, APACOUC, AIOUG. Always keen to learn, discuss and explore - she is a certified professional and an un-certified database sleuth.
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