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Build a Movies Watchlist Application using Oracle APEX

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
In this workshop, you will create an application where users can search for movies and add them to their personal watchlist. You will build out the application through each lab and cover many different APEX features to get a well-rounded understanding of app development with APEX.

You will use The Movie Database (TMDB) API to create REST data sources for finding movies and getting movie details. Using the data from TMDB, you will implement functionality to search for movies and view movie details. Once the movie search and details pages are built out, you will get an introduction to SQL Workshop in APEX, where you will use Quick SQL to create local tables to store user and movie data for their application.

The final part of the lab is developing the Watchlist page, where you will work with the Cards and Faceted Search regions to build out a page where a user can view, sort, and filter through their movie watchlist to find movies and either remove them or mark them as watched.

Workshop Info

2 hours
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Lab 1: Create the Application
  • Lab 2: Create REST Data Sources
  • Lab 3: Create the Search Page
  • Lab 4: Create the Details Page
  • Lab 5: Create Local Tables
  • Lab 6: Implement Buttons and Badges
  • Lab 7: Implement the Watchlist Page
  • Optional Lab: Add Cast List
  • Optional Lab: Improve the UI

This lab is for intermediate APEX developers. Familiarity with Oracle APEX, REST data sources, and basic SQL can be helpful but is not required.

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