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Extend EBS with Logging Analytics

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This 5 Lab workshop will walk you through the process of first onboarding Logging Analytics in your tenancy and region. Then ingesting OCI Network and Audit Logs as well as the process to ingest logs from your servers. Then you will be introduced to Entities Sources and the Logging Analytics Service on OCI. You will set up your Logging Analytics service to understand the data being ingested and finally build visualizations and dashboards to understand your log data. This lab is an extension to the EBS on OCI lab.

Workshop Info

3 hours
  • Introduction
  • Onboard Logging Analytics Service
  • Ingest Logs into Logging Analytics
  • Create Entities Log Groups and Associate Log Sources
  • Visualize Data in Log Explorer and Create Dashboards
  • Example Queries

Complete the Lift and Shift On-Premises EBS to OCI  and familiarity with using the OCI console.

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