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Introduction to Oracle Machine Learning for Python on Autonomous Database

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
In this hands-on lab, experience Oracle Machine Learning for Python on Oracle Autonomous Database. OML4Py supports scalable in-database data exploration and preparation using native Python syntax, invocation of in-database algorithms for model building and scoring, and embedded execution of user-defined Python functions from Python or REST APIs. OML4Py also includes the AutoML interface for automated algorithms and feature selection, and hyperparameter tuning. Join us for this tour of OML4Py.

Workshop Info

2 hours

1. Provision an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse with OML users

2. Getting started with OML4Py

3. Select and manipulate data using the Transparency Layer

4. Use in-database algorithms and models

5. Store and manage Python objects and user-defined functions

6. Run user-defined functions Using Embedded Python Executions

7. Use AutoML

8. OML User Administration

  • Knowledge of Python is required
  • Familiarity of machine learning process and concepts is beneficial
  • Familiarity with Oracle Database is desirable, but not required

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