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OCI Move and Improve - Third Party Applications

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This workshop will walk you through the process of migrating an existing eCommerce application from an on-prem environment to being natively deployed within the cloud. It will walk you through how to capture a custom image of this app and deploy it on OCI with the necessary infrastructure like Networking, Security Lists, and route rules. The workshop will also walk you through the process of making the application highly-available. Later you will learn how to handle the case of high availability by leveraging Oracle's Load Balancer and DNS services for traffic steering. The workshop also focuses on how to connect your eCommerce application to MDS (MySQL Database Service) on OCI. Finally, the workshop will leverage PaaS services such as Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) to show how you can gain even more insight into your application data.

Workshop Info

8 hours
  • Lifting a Third Party Application to the Cloud
  • High Availability for the E-Commerce instance
  • Connecting your E-Commerce App with MDS on OCI
  • Integrate Oracle Cloud with your Application
  • Monitoring your Application with Oracle Management Cloud
  • Familiarity with Database is desirable, but not required
  • Some understanding of cloud and database terms is helpful
  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is helpful

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