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Deploying Microservices in Kubernetes and OCI Supporting Features

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
OKE is used to deploy microservices. In this lab, you will look at how to use OKE for increased availability and automatic scaling, as well as online rollouts. Optional modules include using Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, Fluentd to capture log data and store it in Elastic Search or Oracle Object Storage, and the use of the LinkerD service mesh to provide additional security, monitoring and canary deployments.

Workshop Info

4 hours

Deploying your microservices

  • Setting up your Kubernetes cluster with the Dashboard and Ingress controller using Helm
  • Handling your configuration with Kubernetes config maps and secrets
  • Deploying your microservices in Kubernetes
  • Managing the health of your microservices
  • Supporting variable loads with scaling
  • Rolling out online updates to your microservices
  • Optional modules
    • Monitoring your microservices with Prometheus and Grafana
    • Capturing log data with Fluentd and storing it in Elastic Search and Oracle Object Storage
    • Using a service mesh to monitor traffic, troubleshoot problems, and use traffic splits for chaos engineering and canary deployments
  • Basic Unix shell commands and a laptop with a web browser.

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