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Creating Microservices with Helidon MP and Docker

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This workshop walks you through the steps of refactoring a simple existing monolithic application into multiple microservices using Helidon, Oracles Java-based microservices framework which meets the Eclipse MP standard. The microservices are then packed using docker and deployed into the OCIR.

Workshop Info

3 hours

Creating microservices using Helidon

  • REST Enabling your code
  • Securing your microservice
  • Managing configuration
  • Connecting a microservice to a database
  • Communicating between microservices, cloud-enabling your microservices for health and metrics

Packaging your microservices

  • Containerising with docker, externalizing configuration, uploading to an image repository
  • Basic familiarity with Java (You will be told what code changes to make, but need to know what classes, methods, interfaces and annotations are)
  • Basic familiarity with an IDE
  • A laptop with a VNC client

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