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Creating Microservices with Helidon MP and packaging using Docker - Extended

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This workshop walks you through the steps of refactoring a simple existing monolithic application into multiple microservices using Helidon, Oracles Java-based microservices framework which meets the Eclipse MP standard. The microservices are then packed using docker and deployed into the OCIR.
Optional modules cover Helidon features to access the request context, update existing non-Helidon code communicate with a separate microservice, and to create self-describing API's using the Helidon OpenAPI feature.

Workshop Info

4 hours

Creating microservices using Helidon

  • REST Enabling your code
  • Securing your microservice
  • Managing configuration
  • Connecting a microservice to a database
  • Communicating between microservices, cloud-enabling your microservices for health and metrics
  • Optional modules

Packaging your microservices

  • Containerising with docker, externalizing configuration, uploading to an image repository
  • Basic familiarity with Java (You will be told what code changes to make, but need to know what classes, methods, interfaces and annotations are)
  • Basic familiarity with an IDE
  • A laptop with a VNC client

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