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GROMACS Deployment through Resource Manager

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
GROMACS is a versatile software package to perform molecular dynamics, and is used to simulate different equations with hundreds to millions of particles.This Runbook will take you through the process of deploying GROMACS Software on Oracle Cloud. In this particular demo, we are going to achieve this using our Resource Manager, available on our OCI Console. Running GROMACS on Oracle Cloud is quite straightforward, follow along this guide for all the tips and tricks.

Workshop Info

30 minutes
  • Introduction
  • Add Gromacs Installer to Object Storage
  • Resource Manager
  • Select Variables
  • Run the Stack
  • Access your GPU Node
  • Familiarity with Database is desirable, but not required
  • Some understanding of cloud and database terms is helpful
  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is helpful

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