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Introduction to the Essbase Web Interface

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This workshop offers several hands-on labs that highlight the Essbase web interface in Oracle Essbase release 21.5. It shows how Essbase administrators can use the web interface to build and manage applications and cubes. The Essbase web interface is new to many Essbase users migrating from earlier releases. This workshop is a good starting place if you are making the transition from Essbase Administration Services (EAS) to the Essbase web interface in 21c.

Workshop Info

45 minutes
  • Introduction
  • Get Started
  • Lab 1. Access Oracle Essbase
  • Lab 2. Create Application
  • Lab 3. Add Dimensions
  • Lab 4. Load Data
  • Lab 5. Compare Outlines
  • Familiarity with Essbase is desirable, but not required.


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