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Exploring JSON Relational Duality Views in 23c Free with Java

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
JSON Relational Duality converges the benefits of the relational and document worlds within a single database. Apps can access the same data as a set of JSON documents or as relational tables. Whether you are a Relational/SQL developer or Java developer, gain first-hand experience building and walking through a Java application using Duality Views with this workshop.

We'll start the workshop by setting up your environment. You'll establish a connection to your 23c database with a JDBC driver so you can create the necessary JSON Duality Views and manipulate the data. You'll learn different ways to work with these JSON documents, and ultimately experience game-changing flexibility and simplicity for Oracle Database developers. This breakthrough innovation overcomes the historical challenges developers have faced when building applications.

Workshop Info

30 minutes
  1. Setup Eclipse + the schema with JSON Duality Views
  2. Learn how to use JSON Duality Views with Java
  • Oracle Database 23c Free - Developer release
  • Eclipse or another IDE
  • The IP address and instance name of your compute instance
  • Successfully logged into your LiveLabs account
  • A valid SSH Key (for SSH Terminal Connections only)

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