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Oracle Access Governance - Complete Experience

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Oracle Access Governance is a SaaS IGA solution that addresses the growing challenges security owners face in dealing with the increase in advanced security threats and regulations. This cloud native solution helps meet governance and compliance requirements across many applications, workloads, infrastructures, and identity platforms. It provides organization-wide visibility and capabilities to identify anomalies and mitigate security risks across cloud and on-premises environments. Using prescriptive analytics, Oracle Access Governance offers an intuitive user experience, provides recommendations and insights into access entitlements, behaviors, and risks. This lab will take you through the steps to create Access Governance instance, agent installation, identity orchestration with OIG, create campaigns, perform access reviews, try out event based access reviews and much more.

Workshop Info

3 hours
  • Introduction 
  • Get Started 
  • Lab 1: Prepare Setup 
  • Lab 2: Environment Setup 
  • Lab 3: Verify environment and initialize (OIG) 
  • Lab 4: Create Identity Domain 
  • Lab 5: Create Access Governance Groups and Policies (OCI IAM) 
  • Lab 6: Setup and configure Oracle Access Governance service instance 
  • Lab 7: Install and configure Oracle Access Governance agent (OIG) 
  • Lab 8: Perform AG data load (OIG) 
  • Lab 9: Create access review campaign (OIG) 
  • Lab 10: Review who has access to what (OIG) 
  • Lab 11: Perform access review (OIG) 
  • Lab 12: Manage access review campaigns (OIG) 
  • Lab 13: Manage event based access review campaigns (OIG) 
  • Lab 14: Create OCI Policies, Groups and Compartments (OCI IAM) 
  • Lab 15: Integrate Oracle Access Governance with OCI IAM (OCI IAM) 
  • Lab 16: Mark the Identities (OCI IAM) 
  • Lab 17: Create Policy Review Campaigns (OCI IAM)
  • Lab 18: Perform Policy Review Campaigns (OCI IAM) 
  • Lab 19: Access Governance service instance cleanup 
  • Lab 20: Environment Cleanup
  • Access to an OCI tenancy with administrator privileges
  • Familiarity with Oracle Identity and Access Management products is desirable, but not required
  • Some understanding of cloud and security terms is helpful
  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is helpful

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