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Index Files in the OCI Object Store with Oracle Text

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
DBMS_CLOUD.CREATE_EXTERNAL_TEXT_INDEX allows you to create a content (word-based) index on documents stored in OCI Object Storage. This workshop takes you right through the basics - creating an Object Storage bucket, uploading documents to that bucket, creating an OCI Credential to allow access to OCI resources (including Object Storage). It then shows you how to create an External Text Index on those files, and search them using the SQL CONTAINS operator.

Workshop Info

1 hour
  • Lab 1 : Provision an Autonomous Database
  • Lab 2 : Load files into Object Storage
  • Lab 3 : Create an OCI Credential to allow access to Object Storage files
  • Lab 4 : Create an External Text Index
  • Lab 5 : Run text queries against files in Object Storage
  • Lab 6 : Cleanup Autonomous Database
  • Basic familiarity with SQL is helpful

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