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Stream your video in Oracle Cloud using Media Services

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This is a live lab for OCI Media Services. It has essential steps for new users to get self-started with the service. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers Media Services Solutions through Media Flow and Media Streams. The Media Flow is a transcoding service focused on Video Processing with integration with Artificial Intelligence services. Media Streams provide the capability to stream the encoded content over HTTP protocol through Akamai or other CDN providers.

Workshop Info

2 hours
Lab 1: Create Media Flow Lab 2: Setup Distribution Channel Lab 3: Stream the video Lab 4: Using Postman (optional) Lab 5: Using Python (optional) Lab 6: Using Java (optional) Lab 7: Using OCI CLI (optional) Lab 8: Using Terraform (optional) Appendix: Akamai CDN Configuration (optional)
Familiarity with Media Processing concepts(transcode, stream) is desirable, but not important. Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Console & CDK will be helpful

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