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Accelerate Your Journey to OCI Using Oracle Enterprise Landing Zone

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
One of the biggest challenges for customers looking to make the move to a public cloud is the time and resource investment needed to understand how to do so in the best way to allow them to be successful. This effort can take many months if not years through numerous hours of research and POCs which is a challenge both in time and money with no guarantee of success. OCI Landing Zones solves this customer headache by allowing customers to perform one-click, best-practice deployments of multiple Oracle services at once, enabling their rapid onboarding into OCI. Based on Terraform, Landing Zones deploy the OCI core services needed prior to deploying workloads into the cloud.

Workshop Info

1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Lab 1 - Deploy Oracle Enterprise Landing Zone Resources. 
  • Lab 2 - Deploy Mushop 3-Tier Web Application on OELZ.
  • Customers should be familiar with OCI or another public clouds resources 
  • Customers should be familiar with Github and Terraform, not experts
  • Customers should be familiar with command line albeit not experts

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