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Real-time fan sentiment analysis during an Oracle Red Bull Race

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Emotions run high with Oracle Red Bull Racing. Determining how fans feel is key to successfully understanding the passion and excitement of the race, and then being able to apply those sentiments for new business drivers.
Through a variety of OCI AI Services, which provide prebuilt and custom trainable AI models, this analysis becomes possible even without data science experience. Join this lab to discover how to understand insights in Twitter conversations and extract text and objects from images. Analyze it all for a more complete picture of the emotions of a Oracle Red Bull race, and discover how to apply sentiment understanding to uncover more valuable insights for your organization.

Workshop Info

2 hours
  • Getting Started (create an always free account)
  • Setting up your Twitter developer account
  • Create and configure a Compute Instance (VM)
  • Configure OCI API authentication
  • Setup the source code
  • Off to the races (observe the realtime sentiment analysis widget)


  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is helpful
  • Basic familiarity with Linux command is recommended but not required
  • Basic familiarity with networking concepts is recommended but not required
  • Understanding code (TypeScript or similar) is helpful

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