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Transform Data with Informatica Data Integration

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
In this workshop a user will be walked through the process of downloading an Informatica Secure Agent from the OCI Market Place, configuring to connect to an Autonomous Database and then perform some basic Data Integration tasks against the data available in the Autonomous Database.

Workshop Info

1 hour
  • Install and configure an IDMC Secure Agent
  • Download Secure Agent from OCI Marketplace
  • Configure the Secure Agent
  • Download Data to ADB
  • Build and test a IDMC Data Integration mapping transforming data in ADB 
  • Created an Informatica Account (Free Trial or Exisiting)
  • Created an Oracle Cloud Account
  • Created an Autonomous Database Instance in the Oracle Cloud
  •  Familiarity with Database is desirable, but not required
  • Some understanding of cloud and database terms is helpful
  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is helpful

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