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.NET Development with Oracle Autonomous Database Quick Start

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This lab shows developers and administrators how to set up a .NET web server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that connects to Oracle Autonomous Database. Then, they will develop and deploy a simple To Do List ASP.NET Core web application that uses all these components. By the end, they will have a live, working website on the Internet.

The deployment uses NGINX web server and Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) to connect to Oracle Autonomous Database.

This lab demonstrates how to:
1. Create a cloud account
2. Create an Oracle Autonomous Database instance
3. Create a sample schema in the instance
4. Create an Oracle Cloud infrastructure virtual machine
5. Setup networking for the web server and database
6. Set up an ASP.NET Core web server using NGINX
7. Develop an Oracle .NET web application that retrieves data from the Autonomous Database sample schema
8. Deploy and test the web application

Workshop Info

1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Get Started (5 min.)
    • Create Your Free Trial Account
    • Sign in to Your Account
  • Lab 1: Provision an Oracle Autonomous Database (10 min.)
    • Task 1: Choosing ATP or ADW from the Services Menu 
    • Task 2: Creating the Autonomous Database Instance
  • Lab 2: Create User and Setup Schema (10 min.)
    • Task 1: Connect with SQL Worksheet
    • Task 2: Create a User
    • Task 3: Assign Privileges
    • Task 4: Create a Table and Add Records
  • Lab 3: Setup Networking (5 min.)
    • Create a Virtual Cloud Network
  • Lab 4: Provision and Set Up the Web Server (20 min.)
    • Task 1: Create a Compute Instance
    • Task 2: Connect to the Instance via SSH
    • Task 3: Install and Configure NGINX Web Server and Setup VCN
  • Lab 5: Enable One-Way TLS without Wallets (5 min.)
    • Task 1: Add the Web Server to the ACL and Enable One-Way TLS
    • Task 2: Retrieve the Database Connect Descriptor
  • Lab 6: Develop and Deploy the .NET Web Application (15 min.)
    • Task 1: Create ASP.NET Core Web App
    • Task 2: Develop and Deploy an ODP.NET Core App that Connects to Your Oracle Autonomous Database
    • Task 3: Configure NGINX Web Server and Service to Run the ASP.NET Core App
    • Task 4: Access the Web App
  • Lab 7: Clean Up Lab Resources (5 min.) – available in some  workshop versions
    • Task 1: Terminate an Oracle Autonomous Database Instance
    • Task 2: Terminate a Compute Instance
    • Task 3: Terminate a VCN
  • Familiarity with the following is helpful, but not required:
    • .NET (Core) web development and setup
    • Relational databases
    • cloud development
  • System requirements: one ADB-S instance and one OCI Compute (Linux).

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