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Protect your business using Full Stack Disaster Recovery

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Full Stack Disaster Recovery is an OCI, cloud-native service providing full stack disaster recovery orchestration for Oracle applications, Oracle Database, storage, networking, and compute instances (VMs) between OCI regions. Using Full Stack DR Service you can perform

• Create and automate DR run books and make them more flexible
• Manage DR operations using a single pane of glass
• Provide comprehensive logs with error management and recovery
• Perform DR recovery drills, and
• Provide a framework to customize DR operations

Join this session to know how easily you can automate the Full Stack Disaster Recovery orchestration for a Cloud-native Application deployed in OCI.

Estimated workshop time: 2 hrs

Workshop Info

2 hours
  • Prepare the environments in Ashburn (Primary) for using the Full Stack DR
  • Create DR Protection groups (DRPG) in Ashburn (Primary) and Phoenix (Standby) regions.
  • Associate Ashburn DRPG as Primary and Phoenix DRPG as Standby.
  • Add members to Ashburn DRPG. Application Virtual machines, Volume groups, and Primary ATP database.
  • Add members to Phoenix DRPG. Standby ATP Database.
  • Create and Customize DR Switchover Plan in Phoenix( Standby) DRPG
  • Run DR Switchover Pre-checks in Phoenix( Standby) DRPG
  • Verify and create an outage to the MuShop application from Ashburn (Primary) region.
  • Run DR Switchover Plan in Phoenix( Standby) DRPG
  • Verify the MuShop application from Phoenix (New Primary) region.


  • Understanding OCI fundamentals services like OCI Databases, Compute, Networking, storage etc.
  • Good understanding of Disaster recovery concepts
  • OCI replication technologies such as Oracle Data Guard, OCI Storage replication etc.

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