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[Japanese] Launch GraalVM to accelerate java workload 次世代Java高速実行基盤GraalVMハンズオン

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This workshop will walk you through the process of setting up GraalVM Enterprise Edition and build java application with high performance JIT compiler. Also will guide you to develop cloud native application by using native image. Following contents will be covered.
1. Walk you through on how to set up hands-on environment with necessary OCI resources
2. Guide you through the process of GraalVM installation in an OCI compute instance
3. Build java application and compare the performance between GraalVM and Open JDK
4. Develop RESTful web services by using Micronaut and Spring Boot.
5. Build containerized microservices with native image

Workshop Info

2 hours
  1. Set Up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  2. Install GraalVM Enterprise Edition
  3. Build java application and compare JIT performance with Open JDK
  4. Build Spring Boot application
  5. Build Containerized microservices embedded with native image
  • Understanding of the Java programming is helpful.


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