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Welcome to Oracle LiveLabs

About Oracle LiveLabs

There's no better way to find out about a tool or product than by using it yourself.

Oracle LiveLabs gives you access to Oracle's products to run a wide variety of labs and workshops; allowing you to experience our best technology, live!


How Oracle LiveLabs works

Find the workshop you want to try then either choose to start the workshop now or reserve a date and time to work through it.

We'll guide you through the process from end-to-end.

Featured Workshops


    Building an App from a Spreadsheet for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Service

    Workshop Duration: 45 mins

    Create an application in minutes by simply uploading a spreadsheet!
    View Details and Reserve     921 Views

    Low Code Development with Oracle Autonomous Database

    Workshop Duration: 1 hr, 30 mins

    Create a low code application on Autonomous Database using QuickSQL, SQL Developer Web and APEX.
    View Details and Reserve     408 Views

    Converged Database for Developers

    Workshop Duration: 2 hrs, 30 mins

    Use data types beyond relational data, JSON, Spatial, Graph, nodeJS, in a single database, the Oracle Database.
    View Details and Reserve     834 Views

    Autonomous Database Quick Start

    Workshop Duration: 1 hr, 30 mins

    Perform basic tasks on Autonomous Database, including provisioning, to querying, to creating data visualizations.
    View Details and Reserve     2691 Views