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Feature Request FR-2381
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Add "Name" field for each of the DA true/false actions

pmushkov Public
· Mar 15 2022

Idea Summary
The idea is to add a new “Name” field, similar to many other components in APEX, available to each True/False Action of the Dynamic Actions. 

Use Case
It's common that developers have a big list of True/False Actions for a single Dynamic Action. You can't currently tell which is which until you go into each one of them and see what they do (since they all have a “Refresh” label if they refresh something or “Hide”, “Show”, etc. ). Being able to give them a custom name, would allow you to go directly to the ones you need later by just looking at the name. See the screenshots below to get an idea what that would like.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Add a new “Name” input on top, just before “Action” dropdown.



This has been delivered in Oracle APEX 22.2!

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  • sorin.apalaghie OP1.5 years ago

    Great idea! This is one of the paint points when using Dynamic actions alongside the Affected Items selector which should allow search as you type.

  • sorin.apalaghie OP1.5 years ago

    It would also be nice, if names were implemented, to have different icons for each True Action Type as we have for Regions and Items.

  • alawlor OP1.3 years ago

    +1 on this idea

    It could even use the existing “Comments” field on the true/false action