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Feature Request FR-2275
Product Area Page Components

32 Voters

Smart filters for date columns

fdloubser Public
· Jan 7 2022

Idea Summary
Please provide smart filters for dates. Specify a date range or select a year, quarter or month. Also allow for custom year ranges (such as financial year or other).

Use Case
Date is a very common filter type.

Preferred Solution (Optional)

This is planned for a future APEX release.



  • carsten.czarski APEX Team OP 2.1 years ago

    are you referring to providing a UI component to pick a date or a date range, or are you after the ability to specify predefined date ranges for end users to pick from …?

  • fdloubser OP 2.1 years ago

    Pick a start and end date range

  • ilmarsk OP 1.6 years ago

    This might require a new idea, but the same functionality is needed for faceted search filters. Thank you.

  • john.snyders APEX Team OP 1.6 years ago

    Because smart filters and faceted search use the same client implementation, if we do this, it would very likely work for both.