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Feature Request FR-2221
Product Area Page Components

16 Voters

Provide an optional name for Actions of Dynamic Actions

office Public
· Nov 30 2021

Idea Summary
during dynamic pl/sql actions it would be good to have the option to assign a certain label (naming) to each process.

Use Case
quite often, I use multiple pl/sql processes in a row and would like to tag each process like: 1) load data 2) process data 3) unload

Preferred Solution (Optional)
How would you implement this idea? If you are not sure, leave blank.

This request is likely a duplicate of FR-2381.



  • trent OP1.8 years ago

    This idea probably needs a slightly better name not to be confused with page processes. I think this is specifically about naming dynamic action, actions. I agree - and it's one I had logged many years ago in the old feature request app.

  • jayson hanes Admin OP1.8 years ago

    Agreed, Trent. I updated the title of this idea - It's a good one.

  • ino.laurensse OP1.8 years ago

    The naming “Dynamic Action Action” is already confusing. Maybe it should be called something like “Dynamic Action Step”, with a Step Name and Step Type (like Execute Server Side Code, which is the current “Action”).

  • patrick wolf Admin OP1.5 years ago

    Duplicate of FR-2381