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Feature Request FR-2148
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Enable "Plain Text (based on List of Values)" as an option when configuring the "Cards" region columns

hhudson Public
· Nov 2 2021

Idea Summary
When configuring a region of type “Cards” based off a query / table, I can declaratively pick which column should be used for which section of the “card”. I would like to then further layer-on a “type” of “Plaint Text (based on List of Values)”. This would, for example, make the values more easily translatable, as described in this video.

The cards region doesn't offer me a “Plain Text (based on List of Values)” option when I pick my column:

Use Case
If I want to develop a translation-friendly application, I want to leverage LOVs and apply them declaratively whenever possible. Card regions are therefore less translation friendly than most of the other report region types.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
I would like to be able to choose “Plain Text (based on List of Values)” after picking my column in the cards region. I like how it currently works in, for eg, the classic report:

We reviewed this idea carefully, and while it was interesting, we concluded that due to all the internal implications we need to take into account, it is unlikely to make its way into APEX.



  • vincent morneau Admin OP 1 years ago

    Hi @hhudson ,

    You should be able to achieve this with the new APEX 23.1 template components feature. It's more likely that APEX offers richer templates (including cards) in template components in the future, as it offers a more modular architecture.