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Feature Request FR-2138
Product Area Shared Components

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"Automatic Time Zone" should use "Time Zone Region" not UTC

hhudson Public
· Nov 1 2021

Idea Summary
The “Automatic Time Zone” feature (under Globalization Attributes) currently identifies my time zone as a UTC offset (-4). This doesn't work well for reading / scheduling dates and times that may be on the other side of the previous or next “day light saving” event. Eg. if I'm in June and I want to schedule an appointment for noon in December, my apex calendar application will mistakenly schedule it for 11am because it will incorrectly assume that December is still an offset of 4 hours from GMT. This would be solved by using the Time Zone Region instead, as described in this video.

Use Case
If you want to use APEX to interpret a calendar in the past or future and you live in a region that has daylight savings time, you may be seeing  / scheduling events off by an hour. This will be fixed by using Time Zone Region instead of UTC.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
The “Automatic Time Zone” feature should use Time Zone Region instead of UTC.

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • anton nielsen OP 2.3 years ago

    Here is a plug-in that has similar behavior. Would be great to have it natively in APEX!