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Feature Request FR-2123
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Make Relevance Score available to LOVs that use Oracle Text

hhudson Public
· Oct 28 2021

Idea Summary
Lists of Values include an option to select an Oracle Text column. However the current implementation doesn't always yield desirable results because it is not possible to sort the results by score / relevance. For example, in a search for “Bill”, “William” should have a higher score than “Belinda” but the results can only be sorted by the existing columns in the LOV. This use case is described in the following video.

Use Case
In a LOV from a table with an Oracle Text index, it will almost always be desirable (in my opinion) to sort the LOVs by the Oracle Text relevance score. Someone searching a “name” list with the key string “bill” wants to be presented with “William” ahead of “Belinda” (a reference to the above video).

Preferred Solution (Optional)
If the developer picks an “oracle text column” when configuring the LOV, perhaps “relevance/score" can be made available as an option in the “default sort” drop down list.

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • arvidregenberg OP 3 weeks ago

    This would be really great. There is currently no good workaround and the users really hate the “wrong” sorting.