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Feature Request FR-2035
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Declarative Dynamic action for calling another Dynamic actions without Javascript

gabriel.diaz.arias Public
· Oct 7 2021

Idea Summary
Declarative way for calling other dynamic actions without javascript or needing to declare the dynamic action as “Custom”.

Use Case
Many times you define dynamic actions for certain events, like click, onchange etc, but you want also call its logic from another dynamic actions. A way of achieving this is declare it as custom, specify a name and always use javascript for calling this dynamic actions. This would not be needed if we had a speciall dynamic action of type “Call dynamic action”. 

Preferred Solution (Optional)
If would be nice having a “Call dynamic action” action, with a select list with the current dynamic actions in current page.

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • chris.shannon OP 2.6 years ago

    Yes, love it. DAs have improved out of sight by having conditionality attached to the action level. But being able to invoke a DA by name as an action item in multiple other DAs (without having to set flags created just to artificially trigger a DA) would further improve modularity and maintainability

  • john.snyders APEX Team OP 2.2 years ago

    But this is essentially the same as FR-1877 which was waiting for more support. This is more specific: call DA action vs 1877 which fires an event. The intent of code reuse is the same.