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Feature Request FR-1952
Product Area Application Builder

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Add CSS Class to Interactive Report Column

thomas-d Public
· Sep 13 2021

Idea Summary
In a Classic Report, there is an attribute to add a CSS class to a column. It would be helpful to have this for an Interactive Report column as well.

Use Case
The same use cases for which one would add to a Classic Report column would also apply here.

In my case:

  • Set a minimum or maximum column width
  • Be able to target the specific <td> with Javascript which appears in multiple pages throughout the application
  • Be able to reuse column styles across multiple pages throughout the application

Preferred Solution (Optional)
In the Attributes or Column Formatting section, I would add the attribute (in the same way as in Classic Report)

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • michael.weinberger 2 OP 9 months ago

    Such could be done using on-load js, too:
    $("#Buchungen .u-tR[headers!='DAUER']").addClass("u-color-31-text");

    But it would be nicer if it could be done declaratively

  • john.snyders APEX Team OP 9 months ago

    Interactive Grid also has attribute to set a CSS class on the cell (td) element for a column. So makes sense for Interactive Report too.